Quinoa Cornbread and Chili Mac?

Yum!  This is what we had for dinner last night!  The Quinoa Cornbread (this blog is really awesome if you get a chance to explore it) is moist, doesn’t fall apart, and has no butter, salt, eggs, oil, refined sugar or refined flour.  Amazing!  The next time I make it I’m going to leave out the cinnamon…it was a bit weird.  Ben kept complaining he smelled plastic burning and I think it was the cinnamon in the cornbread.  It’s perfect with The Fat-Free Vegan’s Chili Mac recipe.  I made a couple of important changes to the Chili Mac because I was using gluten-free pasta.  She says to cook the pasta until tender and then add the pasta to the other ingredients and cook another 15 minutes.  She must have used wheat pasta because gluten-free pasta would be a big mush ball after all of that cooking!  So I just cooked the pasta according to package directions while I cooked the other ingredients and then mixed them all in together at the end.  Mushy pasta ruins my life.

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